Good News - The FORS™ Insole Is An Effective "Shoe Based" Offloading System For Plantar Ulcers

Help Your Patients Avoid Complications, And Put Their Best Foot Forward With The FORS™ Insole (Foot Off-Loading Relief System)

As a podiatrist or allied healthcare provider, you are well aware of the serious health risks that foot ulcers pose for your patients with diabetes - studies show about 1 in 6 individuals with diabetes will at some point develop diabetic foot ulcers, and approximately 14-24 percent of diabetic patients who develop a foot ulcer will require an amputation. It's also well-known that diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs) are the single greatest cause of lower extremity amputations in the United States every year, and that such amputations have been tied in studies to a 5-year mortality rate that approaches that of lung cancer. It is also well established that effective offloading is one of the keys to healing diabetic foot ulcers.

At Bonapeda™ Enterprises, we recognize that when treating plantar ulcers, the most commonly employed offloading techniques involve "shoe-based" methods. We have good news for you and your patients - the FORS™ insole was proven in a recent study at Temple University to offload 43.4% of the force from the targeted area.

Unlike other offloading insoles, the FORS insole features a unique design to provide effective offloading in a shoe based system:

  • The removable plugs are torn out to create offloading zones - the plugs do not inadvertently separate from the insole. This unique design minimizes the potential of plugs shifting around, and providing stable offloaded areas
  • The FORS insole has a unique fabric midlayer to disperse force along the edges of the offloaded area, and helps to prevent "edge effects", as well as "bottoming out".
  • The FORS insole features best in class materials, including: Alcantara® fabric on top to minimize sheer and absorb fluid, and Poron® memory resistant foam for excellent resilience, cushioning and shock absorbance.
  • Unlike other offloading insoles, the plugs along the edges of the FORS insole can be removed to offload areas along the edges of the foot.
  • The FORS insole is trimmable to fit any shape or size, and is washable.

Click on image below to see the results from a recent clinical evaluation.

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