New Study From Temple University Finds FORS-15 Insole Decreases Plantar Pressures By 43%!

Temple University has released the results of an independent study showing the FORS-15 insole reduces plantar pressures by an average of 43.4%. When the insole was used without customization, plantar pressures were reduced by 24.3%.  When the insole was customized to offload a simulated lesion, pressures were reduced by an additional 19.1%, for total of 43.4%.

Dr. James McGuire, the principal author of the study, went on to say "The FORS insole is very cost effective and provides superior plantar offloading as compared with other available shoe-based systems. Unlike the TCC which requires significant training and expertise before it can be applied and a significant time commitment for our clinicians, the FORS insole can easily be modified for our patients by any of the clinic personnel with only minimal training and takes only minutes to apply.  In an independent study in our clinic the FORS insole was demonstrated to remove significant pressure from areas of ulceration. Coupled with a non-removable dressing technique such as the Rader Football or the Felted Foam Dressing the FORS insole in a rocker soled cam boot or surgical shoe can be used as a cost effective, proven first-line therapy for many of the plantar wounds we encounter.  A single FORS insole will typically last long enough to be used through wound closure to the transition to a patient’s final footwear. The FORS insole reduces the need for clinicians to replace it with other offloading devices. Considering the fact that in the Philadelphia area the reimbursement for applying and removing many of the commercially available TCCs only allow for approximately $25 in net revenue, the single expense FORS insole may allow clinicians to significantly reduce expenses, and still achieve similar wound healing outcomes.”   James McGuire, DPM, PT, L.Ped (Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine)

Click here to see the full study results.



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