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DISCONTINUED - M420-27: Real leather anatomical 3/4 length orthotic with Poron® heel, with Arch Support
Model: M420-27
Real leather anatomical 3/4 length insole Non-slip surface Cocooning heel with Poron® antish..
DISCONTINUED - M480-30: Alcantara® Anatomical Orthotic, Flat in Arch Area, with Metatarsal Pad and Poron® Heel
Model: M480-30
Alcantara® anatomical insole Alcantara® cover provides extreme toughness with soft feel, is wa..
Model: M482-27
Alcantara® anatomical 3/4 length insole (OLD COLOR & PKG)   Alcantara® cover provide..
DISCONTINUED - M3109: Metatarsal Bar Pad - Real Leather with Poron®
Model: M3109
Real leather cushion Added support Sold in pairs INTENDED USE: Metatarsal support..
DISCONTINUED - M3115: Metatarsal & Arch Pads for Women's Dress Shoes - Pigskin Cover With Poron® (Sold in pairs)
Model: M3115
Pigskin Cover with Poron® Metatarsal and Arch Cushion INTENDED USE: Metatarsal and arch cus..
DISCONTINUED - M492-PZ: Alcantara® / Poron® padded insole (5mm) with removable cells
Model: M492-PZ
Alcantara® insole With antibacterial and water resistant cover The spring-back elasticity Po..
DISCONTINUED - M480-27PZ: Alcantara® orthotic with arch support and 3mm Poron® padding with removable cells in the fore-foot for off-loading, Poron® heel
Model: M480-27PZ
Alcantara® anatomical orthotic with removable cells for off-loading Alcantara® cover provides ..